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Best dispensaries in Toronto!!!



If you thought two’s a company and three’s a crowd, what does five of the best dispensaries in Toronto do? When it comes to legalized cannabis stores in Toronto’s downtown, that can only mean one thing: being plundered for choice, and that is what are the best dispensaries in Toronto.

From the iPad-wielding bud-tenders to the obligatory “you shall not pass” Identification checks, these five stores are located in central downtown and within walking range or obtainable by transit.

A Weedsy member disguised as a potential first-time customer went on a tour and was accompanied by Michael Williams, an account manager for Toronto and Vancouver based Online Dispensary Weedsy. It has no connection with any of the stores and only to this article about the best dispensaries in Toronto.

Canna Cabana

Canna Cabana
Canna Cabana

435 B Yonge St.

The best dispensaries in Toronto, Canna Cabana, opened the entrance to their first Toronto location beginning this month! The store design emphasizes beachy inspired details and vibrant bursts of orange.

The store established near Ryerson University, right beside fast-food establishment Popeyes (munchies? What munchies) and is hop-skip-jump from the streetcars and subway travelling east and west.

The opening of the store leads up to a room with glass vanity tables at the centre showcasing cannabis products like flowers, oils, sprays and accessories for sale.

If someone who comprehends what he or she wants, the set-up is straightforward. There’s also a recycling container in the corner where clients can drop off the packaging that “will be sent to the qualified recycling services providers. It will be recycled into a variation of affordable, sustainable customer products and industrial purposes,” The Weedsy notes in an article written earlier this year.

Despite the support, if still unsure, don’t feel constrained to make an order. But don’t be disrespectful to the staff, either — the store has a sign stating, “Physical or verbal mistreatment towards staff won’t be permitted.” And it’s unlikely anyone would even think to mess with the intimidating guards outside.

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Tokyo Smoke

333 Yonge St.

A sneak peeks of the CanopyGrowth’s new Tokyo Smokeshop, one of the best dispensaries in Toronto. It’s in Toronto’s old HMV location. It is very smaller than what you’d expect of the space, although they’ll develop once edibles/concentrates are ready. Plus, a potential performance space/lounge upstairs.

From Canna Cabana, the property is just a five-minute stroll. The contrast between the two lies in the aesthetics. While Canna Cabana may be a flat (but highly useful), Jane, Tokyo Smoke is Jane’s fancy (equally energetic) cousin.

The store was broken into four product parts: Go (ignite energy), Pause (promote relaxation), Ease (provide comfort), Rise (spark creativity), and Equalize (restore balance).

Cannabis buds are stocked in round orbs that act as smell jars. The bud-tenders can solve any question whether it’s studying up “the most powerful THC strain” or the commonly overheard, “Which is the most economical one to buy?”

There’s a Tweed recycling box that reads, “It doesn’t matter if you got it from another brand or us; we happily recover it all.” The program developed in conjunction with TerraCycle “takes it (packaging), washes it and melts it down into plastic beads that can be converted into new goods… which can be reused again and turned into more innovative products,” notes the Tweed website.

The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.

One of the Best Dispensaries In Toronto

202 Queen St. West

The doors are unlocked at Toronto’s leading and unique cannabis shop that could be the best dispensary in Toronto. The best dispensaries in Toronto is called Hunny Pot on Queen St W is the exclusive store out of five issued licenses in the downtown that succeeded to open on time. 

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A first response is often the last response. But don’t let Hunny Pot’s rough launch be the only memory; the store is deserving of a second shot.

They are located 15 – 20 mins away. Walk from the Tokyo Smoke store; the building is the closest pot place to the entertainment area, the annual home of the Toronto International Film Festival. Apart from cannabis, and the other products on clearance include vaporizers, pipes, bongs, papers, grinders and additional cleaning and storage supplies.

On this day, the shop had a line-up that took a bit more than five minutes to get through. Inside, there was a different line-up, this time where people were split into returning customers and first-time customers. The line for returning customers was twice as long as first-time customers.

It took another six to eight minutes to get through. After climbing a flight of stairs, the bud-tender gave an essential lowdown on multiple cannabis strains.

The shop has three floors, making it comfortable to move around, as well as a recycling receptacle at the entrance. There are TV screens with merchandise information (a standard hallmark for all the stores), and a section called “Edibles.” Upon asking, this refers to “soft gels” and “oils,” as they, too, can be ingested.

Whether something is bought or not, no one steps out empty-handed. Store staff hand out gold and black sticker of a honeycomb (the store’s logo) near the exit.

Nova Cannabis

One of the Best Dispensaries In Toronto

499 Queen St. West

A Weedsy exclusive. We’re inside Toronto’s newest Cannabis retail shop, Nova Cannabis, one of the best dispensaries in Toronto, on Queen. The product is on display & a kiosk set up for customers to place orders. At 7 am, we’ll speak to the operator about the store & a potential $25,000 fine for late opening. 

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Ever been to that McDonald’s by Nova Cannabis? Then this store might offer a piece of déjà vu.

Nova Cannabis is an excellent pit (pot)-stop if you care about who produces the cannabis as the layout provides grower details. The shop has flowers, oils, pre-rolls and accessories for sale.

There is an order request screen in the middle of the shop, similar to the ones found in a fast-food establishment, where customers can browse choices and order goods. A coupon provided after buying the merchandise can be paid for at the cash table.

Next to the cash table, other merchandises are on display in a deli-like way. There’s even an in-store ATM. Every Wednesday, the store offers cannabis training sessions, where customers “receive a unique thank you present.”


One of the Best Dispensaries In Toronto

20 Cumberland St.

Toronto’s 2nd licensed cannabis shop is now open for traffic in the Yorkville area and one of the best dispensaries in Toronto. There are still three others that have fumbled the April 1st deadline to begin operation. We’ll have more further from inside Ameri & an update on other legal pot shops in the GTA coming up.

It’s a store without frills.

Established near the Bloor-Yonge train station, Ameri is sandwiched among a tobacco shop and an eatery. Named after owner Arash Ameri, the store has dried flowers, pre-rolls, capsules and accessories on clearance.

“The retail area is long and narrow. The bright white surfaces are finished with cannabis leaf paintings and an artificial cannabis flower. On the left, as you enter, there are four tablet consoles providing information on the available products,” reports Weedsy.