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Why Canada Post will not deliver your cannabis during the COVID19 crisis?

Canada Post Vehicle & Box

Canada Post Vehicle & Box

Companies and organizations across Canada and throughout the world are cutting back on services to help reduce the expanse of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Maybe you’re doing your share, too, by confining yourself at home. Perhaps you’ve even arranged a little something from your preferred online cannabis retailer to help fill the time, soothe your nerves, or to stock up on your medicine.

If so, don’t slip into your nighties just yet.

Recently, Canada Post stated that it would no longer be carrying packages requiring person-to-person interaction at peoples’ residences. Canada Post’s effort has required some Canadians, including those expecting for the arrival of certain new strains like Pink Kush—and potentially those with endangered immune systems—to make a trip to the post facility to retrieve their purchase.

 “To help reduce points of close contact in our cities, we will no longer be demanding signatures for any shipments to the door,” explained Canada Post in a public announcement on March 15. “This will reduce the need for scanners and stylus pens to be passed back and forth during the transfer process.” Certain items that don’t need signatures or identification will be left at the doorstep in what Canada Post calls a “safe drop.”

Any details that need a signature or age confirmation, like all cannabis goods, will automatically advance to a nearby post office to be plucked up in person. You’ll get a notification card at your front door, even if you’re at your residence when they arrive.

What do the new COVID-19 rules mean for cannabis customers expecting shipments?

Covid-19 Rules

Usually, legal cannabis bought online and shipped via Canada Post is delivered directly to the customer’s door and handed over after proof of identification and age processes involving identification and a signature are performed.

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Now, consumers ordering online from digital dispensaries like the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) or BC Cannabis Store will receive a notification card at their entry with the post office location and guidance on how to collect their purchase. They’ll then be expected to visit the post office with proper ID and sign for the parcel there or send someone in their place if they’re following strict social segregation.

Some sellers like the WEEDSY are also informing consumers about this disruption via e-mail. Place an order on WEEDSY.CA, and you’ll receive an e-mail almost instantly, updating you on the new delivery methods.

 Canada Post rejected an interview, pointing us to the public announcement linked above.

“I am so frustrated to hear that they will not clarify—especially because I have received public comments from Purolator and from consumers of FedEx who have reinforced their processes.” Founder and CEO at SheCann Cannabis Inc Ashleigh Brown, a digital chain for Canadian women to distribute medical cannabis knowledge.

Asking somebody to go into society and visit a postal service may seem counterintuitive, particularly for those at significant risk for getting COVID-19, including those with movement issues or those who don’t have access to a vehicle.

“I am worried for immunosuppressed subjects who are at the high prospect for exposure, as well as those of us who have limitations and disadvantages that make leaving our houses difficult, even outside of a pandemic,” says Brown. “Many sufferers do not operate a vehicle and cannot visit a postal outlet or depot.”

Are there any transportation services that will still deliver to your door?

Not all transportation businesses have achieved the same rules as Canada Post.

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On Twitter, Puralator reinforced that packages requiring adult signatures, including cannabis of any sort, cannot be dropped off and left deserted at someone’s front door. That said, they no longer want signatures. Alternatively, when the delivery person shows up at your house with your box of cannabis, you can show a piece of a government-issued photo ID and consent to accept the box verbally.

FedEx is the same—no signatures will be needed for now, and mail can be left at the door.

Shoppers Drug Mart-owned entity, Medical Cannabis by Shoppers, also affirmed that, for now, a signature is no longer needed for its medical cannabis orders. It will come to your entrance or mailbox. “Thousands of Canadians rely upon those couriers to deliver our prescription to us, and we need stakeholders to study the enormous influence that these differences may have on our quality of life and wellbeing,” says Brown. “During these unpredictable moments, we want to support our governments’ control, and stay home—with our medicine in sufficient quantity.