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How long is my weed safe for? Weedsy’s guide to saving cannabis


Glass Jar Full Of Cannabis

At any point in our cannabis use, we all asked ourselves, “How long is my marijuana perfect for? “You may have found a few nugs tucked in your winter jacket from last year’s ski trip, or you may need a way to store excess buds safely when harvesting a medical crop until you’re ready to consume the fruits of your labour.

Like a good wine cellar or bourbon bottle, properly dried and cured weed is best stored in a cold, dark spot. While there is no fixed expiry date for cannabis, if you store it properly, it will last around six months to one year before losing significant potency and taste.

However, before you launch the old herb, there are a few main factors to remember when processing cannabis for some prolonged period.

What’s the best way to save weed?

Perfect temperatures for storing cannabis

Mildew and other types of moulds on cannabis and other organic matter grow at temperatures between 77 ° and 86 ° F, but simple measures to hold the weed in a safe, dark spot can go a long way. Excessive heat can dry out cannabinoids and terpenes that have taken months to grow. When these crucial oils get too dehydrated along with the plant content, it can lead to a soft, harsh smoke.

Lower temperatures often slow down the cycle of cannabinoid decarboxylation, a phase through which THCA transforms into intoxicating cannabinoid THC. THC ultimately degrades to CBN, a cannabinoid of various symptoms and properties. Hot air retains more precipitation than cold air, which takes us to the next question.

Moisture factors for cannabis storage

Humidity management is essential to keep mildew and other mould toxins away from your weed. Holding the cannabis locked in a stable atmosphere with sufficient relative humidity (RH) levels can be a bit of a juggling act. Still, the prevailing opinion is to retain cannabis between 59% and 63% RH while processed to preserve and improve colour, strength, scent and taste.

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Holding the RH below 65 percent decreases the risk of growing. However, if your RH falls too far, you fear that your trichomes will become fragile, and the essential oils will dry out.

Light settings for saving cannabis

Harmful UV rays break down several organic and industrial products. Similar to the way the lawn turns brown by the end of a hot, bright season, or how the colour on a vehicle starts to rust while it’s not driven, the UV rays can kill the weed over time.

Research undertaken at the University of London in the 1970s found that light was the single most significant element in cannabinoid degradation. The same study found that cannabinoids retain potency for up to two years when processed under suitable conditions, while they may stay efficient and healthy to eat for a long time while the essential oils gradually break down over time. Storing cannabis out of direct light can also help you regulate the temperature.

Air regulation for cannabis storage

Double-check the tightness of the bottle to ensure that any terpene is stored. (Weedsy) 

Although cannabis requires oxygen while growing and curing, preserving cannabis in containers such as Mason jar with just the right volume of oxygen is key to maintaining it healthy and true to its original shape. Getting too little air can have a significant effect on relative humidity, mainly if the buds are not thoroughly dried before storage.

Too much sunlight, on the other side, can intensify the oxidation cycle when cannabinoids and other organic matter become subjected to oxygen. There is a variety of hand and electrical vacuum pump attachments available for canning jars to help reduce oxygen exposure.

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How to save your weed

How To Save Your Weed

Do – store out of immediate sunlight in a dark, dry position 

Do – store in neutral containers such as Mason glass jars 

Do – use hygrometers or items such as Boveda to track and regulate RH rates 

Do – vacuum sealing bottles and containers to reduce oxygen absorption 

Do – remove the strains to preserve their different flavour profiles. Mark them with a date that requires a Sharpie. It hurts when you put the tensions together.

Do – search for some fun new places to store the weed. The cannabis business is rising every day, with innovative technologies and companies including Cannador and The Bureau developing systems for all the cannabis storage needs.

Do — don’t care about holding plants. The most straightforward way to get the most out of marijuana is to consume it promptly!

How not to save your weed

Don’t – put it in the refrigerator. Fluctuations of humidity and temperature will potentially raise the risk of moisture and mildew if you’re cooling off, vacuum-seal. Hot glands are going to scavenge the water from the surface, killing the flavour. Give enough time for the container to adjust to room temperature before re-opening.

Don’t – put it in the fridge. Freezing temperatures allow delicate trichomes to become brittle and to break off like tiny icicles when treated. If you freeze, seal the vacuum entirely and keep it frozen. If the frozen bud scavenges water from the surface, killing the flavour, give the frozen jar and buds ample time to return to room temperature before re-opening.

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Don’t –  put in small plastic bags or cans. Plastic also has a continuous charge that may draw useful trichomes if you wish to use a plastic container, using it just for the short-term handling of limited amounts of cannabis. Or using a high-quality product like a Smelly Evidence pack.

Don’t – shop gadgets or devices above or around that give off electricity. Heat rises — instead, place your pot in a small cupboard, a table, or in the basement of your home, much like a wine cellar.

Don’t – use a tobacco humidifier. Most people use cedarwood, which has oils that move and can affect the tastes of the weed. They do prefer to use sponges that use propylene glycol to control moisture and can oversaturate the cannabis.

Don’t – shop grinders, containers, or other pot paraphernalia. Ash and resin from weed burned appears to remain and can scent any holding bin. Often, it’s only a smart idea to keep the materials safe and tidy.

Other factors for saving your marijuana

Cannabis-infused items, such as edibles and other perishable goods, may have specific handling requirements and expiry date. Hold it sealed in a bottle to prevent unintended access to cannabinoids. Only refrigerate as instructed.

Liquor tinctures and other cannabis concentrates also deteriorate based on heat, light, moisture and time. Keep the extracts sealed tight in their containers in a cool, dark, dry place. Though flower shelf life is typically estimated in a year or less — extracts, shatter and tinctures may be refrigerated for years.