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Silicone Bong, What is it?


Silicone Bongs

If you’re still in a mood for a fun yarn, question a weed user about their smoking paraphernalia set or their edibles container in the fridge. They’re going to show up with utter enthusiasm; you’d think they just won an Oscar.

Their expression would certainly pass beyond the allocated time when they are sentimental about glassblowing methods, the rewards of their percolation decisions, and the artists behind their plays. Each item is more likely to come with a storey. You will be exposed to tales of real passion, painful tragedy, and exciting adventure. If you’re fortunate, you could also get a taste into the traditions that accompany the way the components are used.

It is not a post on such styles of bongs.

Often you only need a bit to get the job finished. Everything doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s no basis for an artist to feel tied to his output. There’s no need for pomp or a ceremony to get moving. Everything always needs to be there for you when you need everything.

Join the silicon bong club.

Five reasons to use a silicone bong

Silicon Bong

They might not be as spectacular as a slice of glass, but they also have a lot to give. Check out if you’re meant to have one of these in your smoking lab.


Such aspects are nearly hard to take down. Don’t let a smiling dog with a long tail be the excuse why you’re wasting a precious bong. Silicone will handle a blow and keep riding!

The worse case situation is that you decide to wipe out some good bong juice. That’s pretty poor, but at least you’re not having to regret the lack of a cherished object when you’re doing it.

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The portability of a silicone bong is related to its durability — you can practically chuck it in a bag before you go out to camp and don’t have to think about it. There are also silicone bongs that are made to roll away, so that you can quickly, even more discreetly, hold them anywhere the wind brings you. Seeking water is going to be your only obstacle. I guess it’s better to carry you a little something.

Easy to clean

Cleaning glass may be labour-intensive. Silicone bongs can speed through the dishwasher cycle. Not only can you run this item into the dishwasher (make careful to get as much resin off as you can until you bring it in), however, all of them can be split down into pieces. This helps you to clean any nook and cranny — challenging to do on a glass piece with an elaborate percolator.

Fun designs

There is no boundary to the ideas you can print on these bongs, and the shapes they can be moulded into are quite impressive. A seahorse-shaped silicone bong, why not? 

You may also come across some compelling unlicensed renderings of your favourite TV show. Like a fake band tee you bought in the back of a concert, silicone bongs can be a fun treasure you appreciate for a long time. 

Reasonably priced

Buying a piece of glass can be a special moment, but it can also be a very precious moment. You don’t have a problem with the silicone bongs. However, if you’re going to wind up bringing it with you to trips, it’s only just a matter of time until it gets forgotten. Fortunately, you can find a fix for just $40.

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Disadvantages of a silicone bong

The most significant factor is that certain people may not want a silicone bong is because they’re not as attractive as a stunning piece of wine. But, as described above, in a lot of situations, the feature will prevail over type.

Another problem is flavour; some believe a silicone bong has a plastic-like odour. While you might not be as smooth as glass, you might require a couple of smoke sessions to bring one in, and it will be perfect.