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What is Cannavis?

Cannavis Infused Drink

Cannavis Infused Drink

America’s Favorite Syrup.”

Cannavis is at the top of the class of infused products. Known primarily for their multiple awards winning THC & CBD Syrups, Cannavis is a staple in the community. It continues to make advancements to remain an industry leader heading into the recreational and medical cannabis markets. 

Available in California, users can create flavorful infused beverages, add it to their favourite food recipes, or enjoy the sweet syrup alone. Even patients and marijuana users with the most stringent diets can “indulge” in Cannavis Syrup. Its THC-infused syrups are gluten and sugar-free and contain zero genetically modified ingredients. Grab a bottle at the closest dispensary near you; Cannavis’ selection of all-natural syrups has you covered.


Extraction Distillate Method

Cannavis Company is comprised of a professional organization of cultivators, extractors and farmers dedicated to creating the most beneficial of the best. First, master producers cultivate premium cannabis flowers, nourished to reach their maximum genetic potential. When ready, those buds are carefully picked and slow-cured to maturity. Once cured, the flowers are extracted into prize distillate and isolate, which is mixed into 100% sugar-free, gluten-free and non-GMO syrups. The final result is a delightful and ingenious way to medicate.


Twelve delicious flavours

Cannavis Syrup is all-natural and available in 12 flavours and four different sizes to satisfy every level of toleration. There are various ways to experience Cannavis Syrup’s: mix the Cherry Syrup in a cola or Watermelon inside fresh lemonade for a delicious and refreshing infused juice. Cannavis’ Syrups can be baked or cooked into food as well. For inspiration and ideas, check out the Cooking with Cannavis Syrup series on YouTube. There are numerous videos with amazing recipes like infused fruit smoothies and ham, pineapple croissants and vegan ice cream.

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Great taste and euphoria, on the go

Cannavis also offers a line of deliciously flavoured vape cartridges, each with 500 mg of THC. These high-end vape carts were designed after the award-winning syrups, and the options include Mango, Tangerine, Strawberry, Grape, Blackberry, Lemon-Lime, and Watermelon flavours, each encased in Cannavis’ specially designed cartridge crafted with gold colour hardware. * Also Available in CBD and 1:1 *

Lab Testing

Cannavis holds its goods to the highest criteria and is proud to offer lab-tested cannabis concentrates and syrups.