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Can orgasms promote your endocannabinoid system?

Couple in Bed

Couple in Bed

What if sufferers of several health conditions have to do with endocannabinoid insufficiency and were able to heal through orgasm? That issue has been on my mind since reading a 2017 study, which hypothesizes that endocannabinoids can play an essential role in the sexual response cycle.

Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids that the body produces, which connect to and stimulate cannabinoid receptors, much like THC and CBD in Cannabis. Specifically, the above research showed significant improvements in the body’s levels of the endocannabinoid 2-AG post-orgasm—which could further contribute to the delightful encounter we colloquially relate to as “post-coital bliss.”

So, if you’re trying to enhance the functioning of your endocannabinoid system (ECS) and thereby associated health problems, should you be prioritizing frequent orgasms in your self-care system? I delved into this issue with a couple of Cannabis specialists to find out.

Getting down to elevate endocannabinoid levels

Dr. Genester Wilson-King, MD, obstetrician, gynecologist, and Cannabis advocate was also fascinated by the 2-AG study discussed above. “Endocannabinoids might play an essential role in the sexual response cycle, leading to maybe a greater knowledge and handling of sexual dysfunction,” she said.

When asked if natural orgasms could help ECS function, Dr. Dustin Sulak, D.O., said. “There’s a wee bit of evidence confirming this hypothesis, not definitive, but the ECS does well with related stimuli that create a powerful short-term production of cannabinoids, like activity.”

I asked Sulak if orgasms could be a “double-whammy” since they stimulate the ECS by both being an enjoyable exercise as well as directly boosting endocannabinoid levels: “Absolutely. Sex [with orgasm] is the double-whammy for sure. It’s a triple or quadruple whammy. It involves touch. In animals, touch and social grooming are powerful ways to stimulate endocannabinoid release. I think many people don’t have enough social grooming activities or physically touch each other daily, but feel better when they do.”

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Doctor’s orders

So how frequently should one be taking account of these advantages? According to Dr. Sulak, “I would recommend at least once a day doing something that greatly stimulates endocannabinoid movement. And so, possibly if it’s a day when somebody couldn’t dance, sing or exercise, and the day’s winding down, and they understand, well, it’s time for a diverse type of practice, I would state you go for it.”

Women could help from higher than one orgasm per day. “I think authorities in the orgasm department would support, notably for women, to have several per day for optimal health. And you know, typically for wives, one orgasm can support the next. And so there’s not a valid reason for ending at one,” he said.

Dr. Wilson-King remarked that Cannabis could probably help bring back multiples for some ladies. “I don’t understand that it can support a person who is not multi-orgasmic, but a person who should have multiple orgasms in the past, positively using Cannabis can intensify that.”

But it’s strange for the fellas. “What a lot of guys don’t realize is that they can have orgasms without ejaculating,” said Dr. Sulak. “The method is essential to near orgasm very slowly and carefully, then wait in that place that commences up to orgasm. It starts out feeling like a minimal space where they get right up to a point and come over. With enough training, that point can become miles long, and they can rest at the edge and have all kinds of orgasmic sensations and actual contractions in their body without climax.”

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Self-loving and wellness

The study cited above on 2-AG studied masturbation and both Drs. Sulak and Wilson-King emphasized that one appears not to need to have a spouse to enjoy the advantages regular orgasms can have for the endocannabinoid system.

Dr. Sulak develops, saying, “I want to help people not to feel like they need a companion to realize the health advantages. So many people consider, what am I going to do right now? Oh, I’ll both jog, or maybe I’ll study or something. And the purpose of a sexual health system probably doesn’t even happen to most readers.”

The next time you’ve arranged a free hour to battle in some wellness, recognize Dr. Sulak’s words: “Meditation, masturbation and running can all produce enhanced endocannabinoid levels and elements of euphoria and subconscious clarity.”

Cannabis can help deliver endocannabinoids.

While Dr. Wilson-King doesn’t support Cannabis first for aid in getting to orgasm, she certainly could help for some: “Cannabis is a libido enhancer. It helps you to unwind, helps you to have maybe more body experience and consciousness. Pharmaceuticals are usually unique molecular substances that have one outcome. In contrast, Cannabis is multifactorial, such that it changes the brain; it changes the body; it changes the vaginal tissue; it changes the sensitivity. The benefit of Cannabis is its multi-pronged method.”

She also noted that Cannabis could do miracles for women dealing with unpleasant sex, saying, “It can decompress the vaginal muscles, decompress the mind, and have the patient focus more on her spouse and body than concern about pain.”

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As for how many to use, she said, “Using Cannabis for sex is usually dose-related, particularly for men. Sometimes lower treatments help, whereas higher dosages, you get too accelerated and can’t concentrate and may have trouble, men more than women, but low dosages are useful for both.”

Dr. Sulak is on the same side. “The purpose I think for someone that is needing to use this report for health would be to recognize using a little THC at a low dosage to help them kind of shift their gears and compartmentalize the remainder of their day, creating a pure space and a new mindset as they address the practice. But not to use so many THC that they’re very inebriated. Rather, they should be seeking to use their equipment—to get high on their supply,” he said, referencing tapping into one’s endocannabinoids.