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Why Mail Order Cannabis in Canada is more than just shipping herb

Mail Order Cannabis in Canada

Mail Order Cannabis in Canada

This article is brought to you by WEEDSY, delivering hand-picked cannabis products to Mail Order Cannabis in Canada

Mail Order Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis brought to your doorstep is NOT a distant dream in many provinces, but in Toronto, cannabis delivery is thriving. Toronto’s stay-at-home orders caused a giant spike in the delivery business in 2020. Still, before any of us had ever heard of coronavirus, 200 or so cannabis delivery operations were already licensed in the province, including WEEDSY based out of Vancouver.

Cannabis transportation service is a life-changing service for many people—and sometimes, you need your cannabis free of difficulties like traffic, crowds, and weak selection. To no one’s astonishment, getting goods and services on-demand has become the standard, and it might just linger that way.

A few significant parts of the cannabis buying adventure can go missing without placing a foot in a dispensary. Most prominently: bud-tending. WEEDSY is making sure that clients don’t miss the shrewdness and advice that budtenders present too much by producing educational resources, convenience, and curated menus all over the town.

Making the dispensary experience virtual

In the cannabis transportation space, some dispensaries are more useful than others—and it can be hard enough to keep a service in the first place, even before you figure out what you want to buy. Do you reach for the one with cheap costs, but limited data on the list? Hit up the one with the widest variety and Google everything on the menu? Select the most affordable? The fastest?

WEEDSY, which produces cannabis all over Canada, takes a unique strategy to keep the human element in weed shipments: quality over quantity.

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Mail Order Cannabis in Canada

“We don’t want our customers to paddle through all of the products with lower value, flavour, consistency, strength, or whatever they might be.” WEEDSY co-founder Michael Williams describes, “We want to support them cut through the clutter and provide only the best opportunities.”

Providing the best opportunities means only providing products that have been vetted by team members, which can be an essential service (and a tall order) in a supersaturated Canadian market. WEEDSY ultimately stocks only about 5% of the products they sample, but their nose for quality doesn’t mean the selection is small. Their collection is on par with that of any neighbourhood dispensary you could visit: including flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, vape gadgets, vape carts, and whatever else you’re watching for – all browsable from your bed.

Creating a reliable marijuana delivery co-operation

As anyone who’s ever arranged pizza delivered knows, a lot can go awry: extended wait times, wrong orders, horrible service. While some horrific pizza can be beneficial, a wrong cannabis order is almost always annoying.

Building confidence among customers can be challenging, especially with limited experience with them in person. To ensure they remain to show up for customers, WEEDSY’s policy for building connections starts with a membership program. Before the order, consumers sign up, get a discount and some swag, and commence ordering.

Mail Order Cannabis in Canada

They maintain their client relationships by taking a thorough look at every step of the marijuana delivery method and making improvements where vital. Each operator is carefully screened and qualified, and deliveries typically arrive in 15 to 45 minutes. If a product’s inadequate, they’ll come back out and replace it. To keep the communication line open, customers can call to ask inquiring at any time along the way.

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And the best part?

Weedsy is there when it counts.

For many, cannabis transportation companies isn’t just about comfort—it’s sometimes necessary, especially for medical cannabis users with dangerous illnesses that don’t allow them to leave their houses. It can be hard to get passage to reliable supply and quality goods for people who need it most, whether those restrictions are economic or mobility-related.

With WEEDSY, everyone gets favourable, reliable delivery concluded with a host of sympathetic discounts for those enduring difficulty, senior citizens, and active military employees. As a display of sympathy and care, they reinvest 1% of monthly gross earnings to create medical cannabis care kits for their members most in need.

Mail Order Cannabis in Canada

Times are evolving, and the marijuana transportation boom is just getting started. WEEDSY has already survived to establish lots of practices that help customers and their neighbourhoods, showing that even if cannabis progress entirely online, there’s still plenty of spirits left in the market and Canada.