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What do you do if your child gets into your cannabis edibles



My child got into my precious cannabis edibles — what now? Dr. Ian Litchell is an ER physician in Kamloops, BC.

Please do not panic!!!

Dr. Litchell notes that no infant has ever died of an excess of cannabis. “The first thing to do is not hesitate,” he says.

Calmly reassure the child and help get them happy, such as placing them on a sofa with a warm blanket.

Grab a piece of paper and pen

If you can, find out how much THC they’ve eaten and when. Write it down, guy. Note that it will take up to four hours to experience the maximum benefits of cannabis edibles, and up to 12 hours for the effects to wear off.

Take care of the symptoms and consider the signs. Write all of it down. Watch for trouble breathing (ataxia), sleepiness, and respiratory difficulties. You know your kid — also note down something that may be odd to them.

Pick the goods and any labelling you desire.

Pick up the Phone and Call the poison control centre.

poison control
Poison Control

Grab the notes and the ink. Poison management should lead you through risk evaluation and subsequent diagnosis. Write down everything you need to recall.

If your child falls asleep, Dr. Litchell says that’s all right as long as you can get them to sleep. Hold them and be relaxed and calm. Keep marking down the signs and time.

Whether you can’t scare them, or if you’re nervous with anything at all, it’s time to head to the ER. Take the documents. Bring any product and packaging. Keep cool.

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When you at the ER

Stay frank and truthful in the ER. Offer all the information and packages to the emergency staff so that they can support them. At least no one in Canada is calling social welfare and keeping the child away from cannabis edibles, says Dr. Litchell. So throw aside all shame — they ought to learn the child’s weed consumed so they don’t have anything like meningitis that may have specific effects (which requires very intrusive testing).

Doctors are calling for a detailed description of the child’s health. They will take his blood pressure, monitor his breathing, and perform other tests as needed. Be prepared to stay for a long time — Dr. Litchell notes that they will typically track your child and have compassionate treatment, such as oxygen, before the cannabis effects have run out.

“There is no cure,” he notes. But there’s going to be a long wait.

Do not think you are a terrible parent

Yeah, that was never meant to happen in the first place. Although clinics and emergency control facilities are used to worsen — the most frequent requests for infants are kitchen chemicals, painkillers, and grandparent drugs. Please be transparent and frank with healthcare providers on what happened and how much your child has eaten.

Dr. Litchell claims that the best edibles in the house are legitimate, and also come in child-safe containers and are dosed even lower than counterfeit items.

“The limit in a legal kit [in Canada] is 10 mg, which can still be very intoxicating to a boy. But it’s not as bad as some of the unregulated edibles out there that can be 100 mg, “he notes. Although safe, homemade edibles may also be very useful, getting children at home requires keeping track of the products and writing down how much cannabis was used. Simple as that, man.

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Reminder for protective safety measures: hold all edibles up and out of reach in a secured jar or refrigerator, and further secure them with child-resistant packaging.

And if there’s no poison control number on your cell, or anywhere clear like your refrigerator, place it there right now.