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Weedsy Toronto
11 Elizabeth St Suite 90
Toronto, ON M5G-1P5

Information about Toronto

Toronto┬áis the capital of Ontario, it is the most populated municipality in Canada, with a massive population of 2,731,571 as of 2016. This is currently current as of 2016, the Toronto census metropolitan area (CMA), of which the bulk is within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), which existed a population of 5,928,040, giving it Canada’s most populated CMA. The capital is the anchor of the Golden Horseshoe, a metropolitan agglomeration of 9,245,438 (as of 2016) encompassing the western tip of Lake Ontario. Toronto is a worldwide hub for business, finance, arts, and culture and is known as one of the diverse, multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

People have travelled within and populated the Toronto area, located on a sizeable slanted plateau scattered with rivers, deep ravines, and urban growth, for more than 10,000 years. After the broadly debated Toronto Purchase, when the Mississauga abandoned the area to the British Crown, the British settled the town of York in 1793 and later assigned it as the capital of Upper Canada. Throughout the War of 1812, the city was the site of the Battle of York and experienced extensive destruction by American troops. York was renamed and joined in 1834 as the city of Toronto. It was selected as the capital of the province of Ontario in 1867 during Canadian Confederation. The city property has since extended past its original boundaries throughout both annexation and amalgamation to its current space of 630.2 km2 (243.3 sq mi).

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