This strain is absolutely phenomenal for insomnia and anxiety. It is a extremely hypnotic and euphoric high but leaves one head heavy and ready to hit the hay in seconds. This may become my go to sleep medication. Although God x Zed (taken and reviewed yesterday) is stronger in many ways, MK truly is an ultra medication. The flavor is very mild in its potency but extremely complex in its composition. It hits you quite quickly and continues to strengthen and build up for longer than most other flowers i have tried. Throughout the whole experience you get a great sense of tiredness. This is great before you go to bed! This strain will produce intense euphoria but quite different from most other strains. One may find that this is too much for them if they are a novice and do not portion correctly. Quite a slow burn but rougher smoke. MK Ultra is on my go-to list for night time medicines.


Energetic Focused Happy Creative

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