You lie on your stomach on the massage table. Your face is pressed in the hole of the headrest thing, and a towel drapes over your booty. The massage therapist steps up next to you. You take a deep breath, ready to indulge in the experience. The fingers have landed and so it begins. At first it is like 'WOAH!" but then it is like 'Woah," but then it is like "wooooaahhh.." Your muscles relax and your stresses fade away. Your body has never felt this good. What a relief. You deserve this. You put up with your boss's bullshit all week, and he didn't even give you a thank you! Yea, you earned this. Your treat to you. As the massage continues on, your muscles and aches have nearly faded away. Your mind drifts off and sleep sounds so good. However, you don't fall asleep because the euphoria of this relaxation gives you just enough energy to stay awake and enjoy it. You smile and destress some more with your face sinking further into the hole. This is what it feels like to be happy. Then, the massage comes to an end. You sit up and wait a moment, embracing the afterglow. You feel so calm, so free. You feel like now is the time to start on those projects you've been putting off since you feel ready for it. You also feel though that maybe you shouldn't move. You don't get to feel this relaxed every day. Maybe you should not mess with it by doing work. You contemplate this over and over in your head with different scenarios and the positives and negatives of each one while on your route back to home. But once you finally get home and see that bed, it's lights out. That massage was so good. Not even New York City could stay awake after that. So, goodniii *Big yawn* zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


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