For my body and psyche, Mr. Nice is my perfect mate... I'm not a connoisseur, but I have tried a number of indicas (~12). This one is -- by far -- my favorite. I suffer from destructive anxiety attacks, and also have chronic joint and muscle pain. I am disabled, mostly walking with forearm crutches for short distances. Mr. Nice addresses the anxiety, and the pain, beautifully. I often use my time with this indica to stretch as well, as it seems to soften my muscles (which are often cramping). Maybe more importantly for me though, it has for me a 'shamanic' effect. By that I mean, it's always a journey, in a somewhat altered state, during which things become plain and clear at the end, mostly by NOT thinking, worrying, wondering, and instead spending an hour watching the amazing springtime bird parade outside the window, or listening to Miles Davis' Stardust and drinking fresh-brewed coffee... Resting the mind, feeding the soul. For anyone who is disabled and/or in chronic pain (as many of the disabled are), these psychic journeys are essential to survival. To my survival, anyway. If anyone else is dealing with similar issues, I urge you to give Mr. Nice a try. <3 Thank you for reading my review! PS: This is a good strain for: * anxiety * muscle cramping * chronic pain * depression * getting 'out' of your head



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