I absolutly love this strain. I struggle with Bipolar type 2, as well as anxiaty and anger... you name it. GDP is my Emergancy Button" in times of severe stress and physical and mental pain. the high is extremely calming, like a warm thick fuzzy blanket was gently placed around your entire body. you feel relaxed. whatever it was that shoved you way down into that chaotic and destructive low/mania is now reduced to a tingle.... and if I wanted to, could easily fall asleep and not even care about any of it. GDP is my MIRACLE DRUG. Hands down. I HIGHLY reccomend this strain for anyone struggling with Bipolar, Anxiaty, Depression, Anger, or even just going threw a VERY rough time in there life. (Like I am). Granddaddy Purple... may just be an excellent medicine for any 51/50 patients as well... because I'll tell ya, I had one hell of a bad day before writting this, and GDP has literally saved me from a severe anxiaty attack and very nasty depression lingering. I <3 YOU GRANDDADDY PURPLE! <3 -you're biggest fan. ;D


Energetic Focused Happy Creative

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