I've only smoked recreationally but I've had excruciating pain in my knees the last 3 weeks to the point I had to take a sabbatical from my job. Insurance hasn't kicked in yet so I'm having to wait to go to the doctors and someone had told me to try smoking some weed medicinally to help with the pain. I haven't smoked in months (recently moved and have been looking for a weed guy) and it never occurred to me that could be an option. Anyway got some, found out it was Blue Rhino and joined Leafly after looking up what to expect. Anyway, this did NOT disappoint! I'm usually a hyper high, and wondered what it was like to be mellow. Well, this delivers a wonderful mellow high that have me inspiration to write a poem...on Facebook. Wasn't bad, lol. The Blue Rhino smelled nice, smoked the smoothest I've ever tried, extremely potent, kept the pain at bay. In fact, I had to make sure I still HAD knees, lol. I did experience a little cotton mouth and while I'm no longer "flying" but the pain receptors are still a little numb and its been 6 hours and I've been asleep for a couple hours (does that effect your high)? Also,I haven't experienced any kind if headache like some claim and while I did get sleepy after a couple hours, it was getting late and because I've been in pain, I haven't been sleeping well, so that may have been a factor too. I did get the munchies but not too bad. I definitely recommend this strain and will be purchasing again for when I want a mellow, pain free experience.


Energetic Focused Happy Creative

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