Oak Extracts Shatter – Banana Kush – 1 Gram review


FLOWER Review of LBS's Bananas PERFECTLY BALANCED HYBRID !!! Offers a very EUPHORIC and FUN MIND & BODY HIGH ! with no noticeable uncomfortableness Use ANYTIME on days off & AFTER WORK on days you work Not recommended as a wake and bake because it is very relaxing and you won't want to work LMAO. Most Hybrids claim a 50/50 I/S or close % and allege it will help with muscle relaxation via it's Indica side but truthfully most strains these days are technically hybrids but of poor overall quality and certain do not relieve muscle pain or stress or tension like they should This isn't street weed bs being pawned off as quality Hydro This is top shelf quality MMJ The head high is clear as a bell yet a tiny bit dumb (it's fun this time) and VERY SILLY and the BODY HIGH is EVERYTHING A HYBRID OR INDICA BODY HIGH SHOULD BE !!! Rocky and Bullwinkle ending: (Don't use their voices but that would be weird trying to make that work lol) I feel like I'm on cloud nine !!! But I bet my face looks like I got kicked by a mule Like that meme of that guy laying on his back with the beet red face and stoner captioning I KNOW that's how I look right now That or one of those "Stoned Dog Memes" with the crazy backgrounds Maybe I look a combination of BOTH memes It is a HYBRID strain after all ...It's kinda like being drunk for weed So of course I end up laughing at stoned animal memes all night while listening to new age music on ch856 and ""Vogueing"" as I pretend to look at the stars that I can't see from my bed I like Turtles


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